About us

About us

Our main pillars


Economic development

For Young Travelers it is fundamental to work with vulnerable and under-resourced communities by using tourism to raise awareness and sensitize young people about the different ways of life and realities that affect us all as a society.
In the same way, the objective is to contribute to the development of different populations, companies and foundations hand in hand with the entities in charge of promoting economic growth and, in turn, encourage prosperity through the development of self-initiated projects that manage to activate immediately, or over time, the economic activities of these populations.

Diversity and Inclusion

Young Travelers has as one of its main goals the promotion of socio-cultural integration, as well as the fight against any type of discrimination due to diversity or vulnerability. This suggests ethnic, gender, linguistic, religious, or economic reasons.
Likewise, Young Travelers has among its principles the recognition of difference as a fundamental value for the development of any type of community or economic sector. For the organization, recognizing and identifying the characteristics or particularities of all human beings guarantees products and services proportional to the needs of a society in the 21st century.


For Young Travelers, it is essential that young people connect with nature and that their immersion in it is carried out in an appropriate manner in order to promote the protection, preservation, recovery and respect for natural resources.
To achieve this objective, we intend to involve environmentally conscious people, committed to the preservation of flora and fauna, who have the conviction of not generating large amounts of pollutants, and have good practices that demonstrate their love for nature.
In addition, we seek the support of public entities, companies and/or competent foundations in the area of tourism and the environment that contribute to this objective.


Young Travelers is a non-profit organization that emerges as a result of the commitment and joint work of different university students who seek to exploit the potential of young people for the construction of a more equitable, diverse and peaceful society; in order to establish a movement that promotes economic prosperity, a healthy environment and a diverse society.

Our organization's main objective is to promote youth tourism as a tool for economic development focused on respect for nature and the fight against all types of discrimination.

On the other hand, Young Travelers provides a series of virtual tools that facilitate the promotion of different tourist sites, as well as a network that allows knowledge and communication between young people, companies and foundations that share the values of the organization.

Mission & Vision



Promote joint work between companies, foundations, government institutions and travelers, through youth tourism and the potential of the new generations as a tool for economic development, through social integration and respect for nature.


To lead a network of individuals and organizations working together to build a prosperous, diverse and sustainable society in which young people are protagonists in generating positive change for their lives and the lives of others.

Our Policies

Board of Directors

Carlos Andrés Montoya Acosta


Professional in Politics and International Relations
Speaks Spanish and English

Salma Juanita Correa Valderrama

General Secretary and Director
of the Economic Development Area

Speaks Spanish and English

María Paula Infante Guzmán

Vice president

Professional in Politics and International Relations
Speaks Spanish and English

Mariana Benjumea Orozco

Director of the Audiovisual Media
and Social Networks Area

M.A. in Visual Arts
Speaks Spanish and English

Our team

We have on-site and virtual volunteers in all areas.


The objective of the Media Area is to define and promote the graphic image and values of Young Travelers through the different social networks, the website and audiovisual platforms. In this area we have professional volunteers in Design, Advertising, Journalism, among others.


The objective of the Human Resources Area is to support the activities of selection, recruitment, formalization and follow-up of volunteers. Also, to lead the logistics of the meetings and management reports of the Leaders Committee. In this area we have professional volunteers in business administration.


The objective of the Public Relations Area is to strengthen the image and reputation of the organization, establish and maintain strategic relationships with allies, governments, donors, foundations and companies. It seeks to make the foundation's projects increasingly larger, more efficient and sustainable, as well as to seek incentives for Young Travelers volunteers. In this area we have professional volunteers in Communication, International Relations, Political Science, among others.


The objective of the Area is to work together to formulate, develop and manage projects that allow economic development and social inclusion. In this area we have professional volunteers in Politics, International Relations, Theater, Singing, among others.


The objective of this area is to work together to formulate, develop and manage environmental and conservation projects to combat climate change. In this area we have professional volunteers in Politics, International Relations, Biology, Environmental Engineering, among others.


The objective of our foundation's Compliance Officer is to ensure compliance with legal and ethical regulations, as well as the organization's internal policies. His or her job is to identify and manage risks, promote a culture of integrity and transparency, and ensure compliance with ethical standards and principles in all of the foundation's activities. We have a volunteer lawyer with a master's degree in the field.

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