Why The Forum?

At Young Travelers, one of the cross-cutting pillars of our work is the environment. In this sense, we have designed and organized an international forum with young people from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Mexico to allow representatives from each country to investigate, discuss and propose the issues they consider most important in the fight against climate change.

What is The Forum?

It is a space where young people can research, share, propose and discuss the most important milestones in climate change through a blog and virtual forums where cities and nations can exchange best practices and environmental proposals for different actors (governments, universities, civil society, companies, etc.).

Themes may vary according to global climatic situations and the cycle of the Forum, although generally topics such as: reforestation, carbon credits, greenhouse gases, proposals for the fight against Climate Change, among others, are discussed.


Articulate the initiatives, ideas and proposals of young people regarding the climate crisis, directing them to the authorities, companies and civil society.


  • Establish a virtual blog to publish research and proposals from young people on the fight against climate change.
  • Hold virtual forums (meetings) where young people from different cities and nations share their concerns, perspectives, good practices and proposals in the fight against climate change.
  • Unify and address the concerns and proposals of young people to authorities and influential actors on climate change.
  • To support the fulfillment of the SDGs and contribute to the construction of a more developed, inclusive and sustainable society.

The second cycle

28 delegates from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Peru, the United States, Nigeria and Mexico. The volunteers come from different backgrounds: Law, Psychology, Politics, International Relations, Biology, Business, Business Administration, Journalism, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, among others. And how does The Forum take place?

  • Through a virtual blog where research and proposals are published.
  • Virtual forums (meetings) in which each delegation presents its concerns, proposals, etc.
  • These proposals are unified and defined in order to address them to the competent authorities and stakeholders.
  • Supporting the fulfillment of the SDGs.


How can I be part of The Forum?  parte?


  • You will receive a certificate at the end of the project. You will be recognized by the foundation as a delegate of your country in the International Forum for the fight against climate change.
  • You will be part of a multidisciplinary team.
  • You will be able to access discounts and facilities in lodging, food and/or services in different tourist destinations linked to Young Travelers in Colombia.
  • Schedule is flexible, except for meetings.
  • You can receive letters of recommendation.
  • You will be able to participate in group activities, training and workshops free of charge.
  • They will be able to attend psychological workshops on climate anxiety.
If you are interested in environmental issues, international relationships, climate change or want to support us, feel free to write to us at [email protected] or follow us on Instagram @Youngtravelersco

Other ways to support us 

  • Support for certifying or executing participation in The Forum
  • Training
  • Advertisement
  • Product and service discounts
  • Technical support / digital infrastructure
  • Donations or sponsorship in cash for projects and activities