The most important traveling trends in 2019 in Colombia

Know the predictions that will mark travel trends for Colombia during the next year. These predictions are part of the study ‘Travel Predictions’, an investigation carried out by the Dutch company where more than 163 million comments were analyzed and 21,500 travelers from 29 countries were consulted.

Tourism, experience and learning

In 2019, travelers will reflect more when choosing a destination with the aim of adding meaning to their trips, which represents a new way of traveling and encouraging personal development. More than half of travelers from around the world (56%) say that travel has prepared them better for life, so in 2019 there will be a rebound of people who want to learn something new while traveling, as well as an increase in vacations to train or work as a volunteer among travelers of different generations.

In the case of Colombia, three out of four travelers (76%) agree that traveling has taught them invaluable life skills, and for next year, 88% of Colombian travelers have or will consider participating in cultural exchanges. to learn a new skill. 80% of Colombians surveyed would also like to try international internships and 75% said they were interested in taking a volunteer trip.

More technology, fewer complications

The «facility» will be the criterion of reference in 2019 with which technological innovations in the travel sector will be judged. In previous years, much has been said about artificial intelligence, virtual reality and voice recognition. Next year, the most outstanding innovations will be those that can offer practical solutions to travelers.

In terms of technology, the vast majority of Colombians surveyed (80%) show a greater interest in applications that can track luggage in real time or a single application for all planning, booking and travel needs (75%). They are less interested in transport by autonomous driving (63%), but 49% like the idea of ​​a «virtual travel agency» at home that is activated with voice and answer questions before traveling.

As more and more new and authentic experiences are sought, travelers also want to be sure that they can travel safely, regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. The data reveal that almost one in five travelers (19%) plan to travel to a Pride festival in 2019, especially young people aged 18 to 34, which is almost one third (30%) of the total.

Unexplored territories

NASA will start building a space station on the moon in 2019 (to be launched in 2022) and we will continue to see a considerable investment in space flights. Beyond 2019, we will continue to break the limits of travel and, as space technology advances, there will come a time when even space tourism will not be a significant change.

The survey conducted by the Booking company shows that four out of ten travelers in the world (40%) say they are happy with the idea of ​​traveling to space in the future and 38% are open to try the experience first hand. In Colombia, more than half of travelers (53%) confirm that they are enthusiastic about the perspective of space and 56% are willing to consider the experience for themselves, while a little more than half of Colombians (51%) ) prefer to stay under the sea rather than in space.

Tourism and social networks

It is a fact that social networks have transformed the way we travel and this trend will continue to strengthen in the Colombian traveler by 2019. Technology has made the Colombian change his habits of tourism, from how he plans his trip, to how is his interaction during your vacation.

According to the research, by 2019, digital tourism influencers will increase. One in three Colombian travelers (32%) admitted that their ambition is to use travel to launch a career in social networks. These new influencers will focus on genuine, useful and honest content, rather than inaccessible or false images.


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